SENT schools upgraded from 30Gb to 50GB.

All SENT supplied schools currently on the 30GB package will be upgraded from 1 May to 50GB cap. There has been a general increase in internet usage in school since the SENT system was installed and so an upgrade is necessary. Schools are obviously pleased because some have been reaching the 30GB limit regularly. Dave Couves MD at SENT believes the trend toward greater internet usage is a sign that schools are seeing the value in good, fast and reliable internet connectivity and when they have it they make it work. Programs such as Khan Academy and Tynker as well as the WCED moodle based systems etc. This can only lead to better education. We are therefore very happy to be offering this free upgrade to schools.

SENT responds to the RFP from the Provincial Government for the supply and operation of an electronic network providing Broadband Internet to all schools in the Western Cape.

Along with a number of other telecoms companies in SA, SENT handed in a proposal today to provide this very valuable service to the schools. These are very exciting times for schools. By the end of 2013, all schools in the Western Cape should be receiving the benefit of a good and reliable broadband internet connection facilitating many other services. Broadband is one of the building block of modern education and if used effectively could make a huge difference in our schools.

SENT’s opens up to more schools.

The Directors of SENT have decided to open the program again to applications from schools. The new applications will be on the basis that the school pays for the installation. SENT will supply the service free of charge as for the other 80 schools on the system. Dave Couves said “The program has proved very popular, mostly because it is free, and we found it difficult to turn schools away. The funding however is limited to the installation of 80 schools but through an efficiency drive we have found the funding to provide the service to more schools.”

SENT’s pilot program is full.

With 80 schools now installed and operational on the system, the pilot program is fully subscribed and applications have closed.

110th School signs up. Applications keep arriving.

Applications for SENT services are still being received even though no marketing is being done due to the pilot quota being filled. It’s word of mouth now with schools hearing about the benefits and wanting to be a part of it. SENT is still accepting applications but implementation may now be partially delayed .

Melomed Private Hospital Mitchells Plain Internet connection

SENT (schools eNetwork trust) is an organisation that was established to provide free internet access and other services to schools in the Western Cape.Melomed Mitchells Plain assisted SENT in providing free internet connectivity to schools within the Mitchells Plain area.

The following schools are already connected to the Melomed Mitchells Plain site:

  • Hazeldene Primary
  • Oval North
  • Spine Primary
  • Spine Road High School
  • Princeton High School

SENT is currently adding schools at a rate of 1 to 2 schools a day in the Mitchells Plain area.

The schools are being provided with free equipment, installation of equipment, free telephonic support and 20Gb of free internet bandwidth/month over a5Mb synchronous line.

See Melomed’s Latest News on

80th School applies. There are now enough schools for the pilot.

With the 80th school applying today, the SENT project has a full quota for the pilot. However it has been decided to keep accepting applications and give as many schools as possible the opportunity to benefit from what SENT is offering. The Directors will decide in due course when to close applications.

SENT is working for schools

“Dave Marais, IT Administrator, at Pinehurst Primary says that the SENT wireless link has been installed and operational since mid-Jan. It’s been a whole term now and the link hasn’t gone down at all. By contrast, the previous ADSL line had some issue almost every week. This has made my life easier and less frustrating for the school”

60th School signs up

SENT has today received the 60th school application. We are approaching the total of 80 schools required for the pilot. This is an important milestone for the project.

SENT making a real difference in the schools

Mrs B Daniels, principle at Athlone North Primary School, says “We had endless problems with our cables and telephones line being vandalised during weekends and holidays. Having been without the internet for the first two months of the academic year we decided to contact SENT.” She goes on to say that within a few days the SENT system was installed and operational. The school also receives a generous internet traffic allocation up to 20GB and 10Mbps, all free! She concludes: “Our school Vision Statement: We at Athlone North Primary School are committed to developing the full potential of every learner, enabling them to become skilled and literate members of society is being realized through your initiative. Thank you.

50th School signs up

50 schools in Cape Town have now applied to join the network. Krystle Sharp, Schools Liaison Officer at SENT says she has found it difficult this year getting schools to send in the application forms even though they seem to be keen for the service. There are however a number of organisations who already work in the schools and have agreed to help.

30th School signs up

30 schools in Cape Town have now signed up to join the network. Wessel Le Grange, Client Liaison Officer at SENT said “ The enthusiasm of the schools continues but our technical department is battling to keep up with the demand. It’s a good problem to have. We are encouraged that the schools see the benefit and are committing.”

First schools connected

Schools in the Athlone, Cape Town have been the first to receive the SENT connection. Shafiek Davids, Operations Manager at SENT, says “There has been a lot of excitement about what this system offers schools. They are seeing the benefits and signing up. We’re being inundated with applications but it’s great and we’re up for the challenge.”

Scoop Distribution donates R40000 worth of CPE equipment for the pilot project.

William Stewart, owner of Scoop Distribution understands the need in our schools and has been very enthusiastic about the possibilities of this system making a tangible difference. Stewart said “Scoop has been involved in many projects for the upliftment of the disadvantaged in the past and see the value of this initiative. We look forward to seeing a successful pilot project and the difference it will make.”

Comtel donates R1 million to Education

Comtel Communications donates R1,000,000 to SENT over 12 months to connect 80+ schools to the network and fund operations for 12 months. Dave Couves, CEO of Comtel, said that Comtel understands that ITC plays a vital role in the education of our next generation. These are the future leaders, we want to be a part of this and make a difference. He continued "I challenge other enterprises large and small to join in this valuable venture and help SENT add schools as we have done. It’s money well spent."

SENT launched.

The Schools eNetwork Trust was launched today.